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12th January, 2011

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American Airlines, the carrier based in the United States and Japan Airlines are going into a joint business agreement on trans-Pacific flights. American Airlines and Japan Airlines joint business agreement on trans-Pacific flights will be effective on 1st April 2011. With the joint business agreement, passengers will have better trans-Pacific flights schedule and connections while travelling with Japan Airlines from Narita to New York, Vancouver, Chicago and Los Angeles and from Haneda to San Francisco. The joint business agreement will also provide trans-Pacific passengers with better connections and flights schedules while travelling with American Airlines from Narita, Haneda, Beijing and Shanghai to Dallas/Fort Worth, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. With the joint business agreement Japan Airlines will co-locate in American Airlines’ Terminal 3 at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. To recall, Air Valid provides passengers with information on luggage American Airlines so that passengers are aware of the amount and weight of luggage they are entitled to on different type of flights in different classes.

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