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24th April, 2009

The Spanish blog, Hacemos Turismo described Air Valid as the database of airlines. Air Valid is a website that provides information from 1163 airlines that contains the database and the airlines directly feed the database by a professional interface. The information disseminated by Air Valid is economic, commercial and technical.

The information is made available for on-line travel agencies and also for the passengers on the website of Air Valid to Decree No. 2006-315 of 17th March 2006 and Decree 2007-669 of 2nd May 2007 relating to the obligation information of airline passengers on the identity of the carrier.

The database also puts forward the comfort and safety of passengers by offering the passengers to submit their opinions after one trip. The blog Hacemos Turismo also reminds that Air Valid also distributes a list of air crashes and incidents of aircraft which happened in the world.

Source: Hacemos Turismo

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