About Us


AIR VALID is a leader in the dissemination of airline information, comparison and collection of passenger views and opinions about airline companies. The information on AIR VALID is available on nearly 45% of the queries to search for an Air Ticket in France, simply by clicking on the name of the airline sites of travel agencies online. At https://writology.com/ghostwriting we personally asked our cheap ghostwriters for hire to make sure all the information is still relevant and factual.



The website AIR VALID offers 2 levels of information:


● Economic, commercial and technical information on 1163 airline companies that the airline companies feed directly by a professional interface.


● The assigned notes of the passengers on their sense of “comfort and security” following a particular flight through an automatic feed between the online travel agencies and the AIR-VALID website.



The AIR VALID website has two characteristics:


The airlines’ data is updated directly by them.


This information is made available to online travel agencies, by an XML feed particularly, and is available for the travelers on the AIR-VALID website.


The collection of the passengers’ notes, opinions and views is automated through partnership with travel agencies in lines that routinely seek from their passengers returning from their trip.


The AIR VALID website has a monthly traffic of 150.000 visitors qualified to 500.000 page views from Internet users seeking information on flights from the regular airline companies, charter and low cost: destinations, fleet, services in-flight services and luggage conditions. Traffic currently comes to 80% of the French market and 12% of francophone countries (Switzerland, Belgium, Canada and Morocco) followed by 156 countries around the world. Currently only in French and English, the AIR VALID website will be available in Spanish and 6 other languages in the early 2009.