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Lufthansa dream holiday as from £229 from London




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Lufthansa, the airline based in Germany is now making available dream holiday as from £229 for flights taking off from London. Moreover the dream holiday as from £229 from London proposed by Lufthansa is applicable to destination such as Accra, Caracas, Lagos, Mexico City and Tunis. In other words Lufthansa cheap flight Accra starts as from £449, cheap flight Caracas as from £339, cheap flight Lagos as from £359, cheap flight Mexico City as from £359 and cheap flight Tunis as from £229. However passengers willing to benefit from Lufthansa cheap flight London as from £229 should already purchased their airline ticket by 19th January 2010. Moreover Lufthansa dream holiday as from £229 from London is applicable for flights on the Economy Class.

Source: Lufthansa


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