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9th July, 2009


The 1st social network dedicated to travelers who can now Tweet, post comments, photos and reviews directly from their mobiles or iPhone.

“NOW reviews” coming from real travelers through mobiles

Recent events prove that internet users and travelers are looking for on spot real time reviews coming from other customers on a service or an event. Twitter, Flickr and Facebook have contributed to ease the spreading of this information with the help of mobile technology.

AIR VALID®, the leading Certified Airline review and information website in Europe and Asia with 750,000 unique visitors per month decided to build its community “NOW reviews” on these social networks to ease access to customers and flyers using mobile technology.

Taking off with 38,000 users in the community

To ensure that reviews, comments, photos and tweets are certified as coming from real travelers on board, before or after a flight, users must create an account on EEZEER.COM or use their usual social network (Twitter, Flickr or Facebook) account. Every post is reviewed before being published on airline or flight number pages. 38,000 of the early users (the original 78,000 users who are responsible for over 100,000 reviews posted on AIR VALID®, have already become members  and are teased about their past reviews left on AIR VALID®, Twitter / EEZEER® members also get featured on EEZEER® home page each time they post something to @eezeer twitter account .

Over 800 airlines and 255 airlines reviewed
EEZEER® is powered by AIR VALID® who provides certified airline information on over 800 airlines around the world and certified reviews on 255 airlines. AIR VALID® provides a unique source of information on airline fleets, airline commercial data, press releases, technical details, etc. Reviews give users easy access to global airline ratings but also flight number ratings with an exact number of users that have reviewed the flight on the  comfort and security on board.

A unique flight search engine powered by Mobissimo and Air Valid

EEZEER® also gives users a unique flight search engine based on Mobissimo and Air Valid data. Search a flight on Mobissimo and discover a simple, sorted, airline best-price list with an airline mentioned just once on its best-price. The result page offers detailed information which includes the airline’s global rating (the number of ratings), flight rating (and the number of ratings), average seat pitch on economy class, airline alliance and reward program. The EEZEER® engine is in Beta but new design and features from EtonDIGITAL,, will be coming throughout  summer 2009.


Since January 2007, AIR VALID® publishes online information on 1,176 airlines, 100,000 certified traveler opinions, and 35,000 flight numbers from 255 companies. AIR VALID® also offers a “Seat Pitch” comparison for planes in economy class for 156 airlines. Air Valid collects information from passengers on various markets: UK ( FR (, DE ( ), ES ( ), IN ( ), CN ( ) and US ( ).
CONTACT: Press Contact: Christine BESEGUI, communication at Tel: +230-744-0953

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