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12th June, 2009

The airline based in Toronto, Air Canada has launched a reconfiguration program for its fleet. Air Canada reorganise its fleet since 2007 and now the reconfiguration of Air Canada’s fleet is soon coming to an end. Air Canada is reorganising its fleet in order to provide comfort to its passengers. Air Canada offers oversized shelves for food and work, reclining seats beds among others aboard the Executive First class of Air Canada. On board of the Economy class of Air Canada, the airline is offering hundred of hours of entertainment and individual electrical socket for laptop and USB among others. Air Canada first 8 Airbus A330-300 has been reconfigured these days and the other 7 Airbus A330 will be completed by summer 2009 which will thus end the reconfiguration program of Air Canada’s fleet.
Air Canada currently offers a daily non stop flight Montreal on its Boeing B777-300 dual class and a direct flight to Toronto on a Boeing B767-300 bi class.

Source: Air Canada

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2 answers for the article “Reconfiguration of the fleet or Air Canada”

  1. On 13th June, 2009, 5:27 pm Doug says:

    Just a side note, Air Canada is based in Montreal, not Toronto. Their HQ is at YUL between runways 24R & 24L

  2. On 22nd September, 2009, 1:06 pm Yanesha says:

    Hello Doug thank you for your comment. I just want to be more accurate. In fact Air Canada has more than one hub approximately 4 among which are Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver and Edmonton. This a reason why I have put Toronto in my news published. Please don’t hesitate to send your comment on any other airline companies.

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