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4th December, 2009

Lufthansa the flag carrier airline of Germany is now offering Christmas In Flight Menu on board of the First, Business and Economy Class of Lufthansa. Hence on the long-haul flights of First and Business Class of Lufthansa passengers will benefit from delicious meal. Lufthansa Christmas In Flight Menu will be served on board of Lufthansa during the month of November and December. Lufthansa Christmas In Flight Menu such as will be served on the First Class of Lufthansa. Moreover the passengers travelling on board of Lufthansa will offer drink such as Christmassy note, including an Advent tea. In addition the best Lufthansa cookies will be offered on the Business Class of Lufthansa. However Lufthansa passengers’ on the Economy Class will also have the chance to profit from Lufthansa cookies. On the long European routes Lufthansa is offering Christmas In Flight menu such as classic roast goose dish, venison pyramid with chanterelles and Walldorf salad, Printen gingerbread mousse with a dusting of cinnamon and fig sauce. Furthermore until 27th December 2009, Lufthansa Christmas In Flight Menu will comprise of around 61,000 truffle chocolates, 370,000 chocolate Santa Clauses, 270,000 snowmen, one million mini-gingerbreads and 580,000 Christmas pralines which will be offered to the passengers of Lufthansa.

Source: Lufthansa

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