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5th February, 2010

Cathay Pacific, the airline based in Hong Kong is now making available a new In Flight Meal to all its passengers on board of its First Class and Business Class. Cathay Pacific In Flight Meal on board of its Business Class and First Class will be prepared from the Yung Kee restaurant. The In Flight Meal prepared by the Yung Kee restaurant will be available on board of the First Class and Business Class of Cathay Pacific as from 1st February 2010 until 30th April 2010. In other words Cathay Pacific In Flight Meal consist of dishes such as Braised Goose and Taro in Plum Sauce, Steamed Sliced Chicken with Jinhua Ham and Bamboo Shoot, Abalone with Goose Liver Roll, Sautéed Prawn in Kung Po Sauce, Steamed Cod Fillet in Golden Bean Sauce, and Steamed Chicken and Goose Liver Sausage on Rice.

Source: Cathay Pacific

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