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21st May, 2010

The airline based in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific is offering its passengers flights to Tokyo. Cathay Pacific flights Tokyo will be effective as from October 2010. Cathay Pacific will operate flights to Tokyo two times daily. Moreover, Cathay Pacific will also operate flights to Narita. In addition, as from 11th June 2010 Cathay Pacific will introduce flights to Taipei, that is, Cathay Pacific will operate a total of 94 flights weekly to Taipei. Flights to Taipei has been scheduled to depart Hong Kong on the flight CX474 at 08.35 to reach Taipei at 10.15 and Cathay Pacific return flight CX475 will depart Taipei at 11.20 to reach Hong Kong at 13.00. Furthermore, Cathay Pacific will make use of its Airbus A330-300, A340-300, its Boeing 747-400, 777-200, 777-300 aircrafts to carry out these flights.

Cathay Pacific onboard services is offering seat pitch of 79.2 inches in First Class, seat pitch of 45.2 to 60 inches in Business Class and in Economy Class Cathay Pacific is offering seat pitch of 31.2 to 32 inches.

Cathay Pacific in-flight entertainment is provided in order to make the journey Cathay Pacific passengers a pleasant one on these flights to Tokyo. Also, Cathay Pacific offers air ticket Sydney, Colombo, Osaka, Haikou, London, Lille and many more.

Source : Cathay Pacific

Author :  Axel J.

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