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15th May, 2010

The low cost carrier based in the United States, Frontier Airlines offers passengers the possibility to carry their pets along with them onboard. Frontier Airlines pets onboard can be either  small dogs or cats or rabbits or guinea pigs or hamsters or small household birds. These pets that are to fly onboard of Frontier Airlines should be in good health and fit to fly. Moreover, these pets should fit under the seat of Frontier Airlines. This new offer of having pets onboard launched by Frontier Airlines is available at £51 ($75) for a single way. Besides, these small pets Frontier Airlines also allows larger pets to fly but will be regarded as checked luggage. If pets weigh more than 20 pounds and do not fit in the requirements of Frontier Airlines for pets, they may be checked for a fare of £103 ($150). Besides, offering passengers the possibility to travel with their pets onboard, the carrier also offers in-flight wifi that forms part of Frontier Airlines in-flight entertainment program. To conclude, Frontier Airlines offers air ticket Seattle from Milwaukee.

Source: Frontier Airlines

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