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14th May, 2010

US Airways, member of Star Alliance has launched on 13th May new nonstop flights to the capital of Italy, Rome from Charlotte. US Airways flights Rome are available on a daily basis and are nonstop ones. US Airways flights will depart from Charlotte at 6.15pm and will touch down in Rome at 9.30 am the next day. The return flights will then leave from Rome at 11.05 am and will reach Charlotte at 3.55 pm. The flights to Rome from Charlotte will be ensured by the carrier’s Airbus A330-300 with a total of 293 seats and onboard passengers will privilege from a large choice of US Airways in-flight entertainment and also onboard services. To recall, from Charlotte US Airways provides nonstop flights and air ticket Frankfurt, Paris, London Gatwick and Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, during the beginning of the year US Airways has announced that it will offer more flights from Charlotte.

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