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31st July, 2010

Best price for an air ticket from London to Hong Kong

Based in Russia, Transaero Airlines will provide passengers with new flights from Moscow to Hong Kong. Transaero Airlines Hong Kong flights will be operated on a weekly basis. Transaero Airlines flights will take off from Moscow at 2100hrs every Friday and will touch the soil at Hong Kong at 0955hrs the next morning. The return flights will then depart from Hong Kong at 1125hrs every Saturday and will land in Moscow at 1715hrs. The flights from Moscow to Hong Kong will be ensured by Transaero Airlines Boeing 777 in a three class configuration, Business class, Premium Economy and Economy class. Onboard of the Hong Kong flights, passengers will be offered a maximum of comfort and also a wide choice of Transaero Airlines in-flight entertainment. Furthermore, as from 1st August 2010, Transaero Airlines will offer an additional flight from Moscow to Beijing on Sundays. To recall, Air Valid helps passengers with luggage Transaero Airlines thus making passengers know how much weight and bags both as checked and cabin luggage they are entitled to on different flights and in different cabins.

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