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11th February, 2011

Best price for an air ticket from London to Montreal QC YUL

Star Alliance member, Air Canada is proposing cheap flights from Paris to the United States. Air Canada passengers can book cheap flights for as low as 385€. For instance, Air Canada cheap flight Paris comprises of Paris -New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami. Air Canada air ticket Paris -New York is at 440 €, Paris-Boston at 385 €, Paris-Los Angeles at 483 €, Paris-San Francisco at 487 € and Paris-Miami at 452 € including taxes. Air Canada is also proposing air ticket Montreal, Toronto, Quebec, Ottawa and others from Paris Passengers on cheap flights between London US will be provided with Air Canada onboard services. To recall, Air Valid provides passengers with information on luggage Air Canada so that passengers are aware of the amount and weight of luggage they are entitled to on different type of flights in different classes.

Source: Air Canada

Air Canada A320 CFFWN

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