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10th February, 2011

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The low cost airline, EasyJet is proposing cheap flights from London Gatwick to Madeira in Portugal. EasyJet passengers can book cheap flights for as low as £36.991 from London Gatwick to Madeira. EasyJet air ticket London Gatwick to Madeira are available for booking  Besides the cheap flight Madeira from London Gatwick, EasyJet is also offering cheap flights Ibiza, Faro, Malaga, Alicante and others. Low cost airline EasyJet frequent flyer members will earn miles while on cheap flights from London Gatwick to Madeira with EasyJet. Passengers on cheap flights between London Gatwick to Madeira will be provided with EasyJet onboard services. To recall, Air Valid provides passengers with information on luggage EasyJet so that passengers are aware of the amount and weight of luggage they are entitled to on different type of flights in different classes.

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easyJet A319 lifts off Runway 27

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