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18th August, 2011

West Jet Airlines announces to be in code share partnership with American Airlines. West Jet Airlines American Airlines code share will enable passengers to have many flights in correspondence that is from to United States and Canada. With this code share agreement between American Airlines and West Jet Airlines, both airlines will have access to and from US and Canada hubs offering more connecting flights onwards. Furthermore, West Jet Airlines and American Airlines the code share agreement will enable passengers to earn and redeem miles on each other flights. American Airlines passengers will enjoy West Jet Airlines onboard services such as more legroom, leather seats and live seatback television provided by Bell TV on West Jet Airlines’ modern fleet and vice versa. To recall, Air Valid provides passengers with information on luggage West Jet Airlines that passengers are aware of the amount and weight of luggage they are entitled to on different type of flights in different classes.

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Westjet B738 CGWSA

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