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17th May, 2010

Best price for an air ticket from London to Munich

Based in Germany, Lufthansa will provide passengers new flights to Bursa from Munich that will be effective as from 1st August 2010. Lufthansa flights Bursa to Munich will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. For the launching of these flights from Munich, Lufthansa offers cheap flight Bursa of £84 (€99). Lufthansa flights will take off from Munich at 21.45 hrs and will reach Bursa at 01.15 hrs. The return flights will then leave from Bursa at 04.10 hrs and will arrive in Munich at 05.55 hrs. While being in the skies on the flights to Bursa passengers will be offered a large choice of Lufthansa onboard services. Besides Bursa flights, Lufthansa also offers air ticket Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir as Turkish cities.

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