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28th May, 2010

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The airline based in United States, Alaska Airlines is proposing its passengers new luggage services. The baggage services of Alaska Airlines proposed will be effective as from 16th June 2010 for air tickets purchased since 01st May 2010. With the new luggage services with Alaska Airlines, passengers will be charged £14 instead of £17 for the first three checked luggages, that is, Alaska Airlines passengers will pay £3 for the first checked luggage, for the second checked luggage passengers will pay £3 less and for the third checked luggage passengers will pay £19 less. Furthermore, Alaska Airlines is amending its luggage service guarantee from 25 minutes to 20 minutes. In addition, Alaska Airlines is lessening the charges for accommodating unaccompanied minors.

Besides, Alaska Airlines onboard services is offering seat pitch of 36 inches in First Class and in Economy Class, Alaska Airlines is offering seat pitch of 32 inches.

Alaska Airlines in-flight entertainment is provided in order to make the journey Alaska Airlines passengers a pleasant one.

To recall Air Valid proposes Alaska Airlines luggage services.

Source : Alaska Airlines

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