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7th June, 2010

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Member of the Oneworld alliance and the national airline of Finland, Finnair will offer passengers at both Geneva and Rome new lounge access. Finnair lounge at Geneva and Rome is available to passengers traveling in business class and also to members of Finnair Plus Platinum, Gold and Silver members also. Since 3rd June 2010, Finnair lounge, Skyview at Geneva will be provided to passengers which is located on the second floor after security control. From the lounge of Finnair at Geneva, passengers will be able to serve themselves with sandwiches, soup, croissants, muffin and cereals, coffee, tea and soft drinks and also alcoholic drinks. Moreover, the lounge of Finnair at Geneva is installed with wifi access. Finnair passengers travelling through Rome will also be able to have a lounge access as from 15th June 2010 which is located on the second floor of Terminal 3 after security control. Finnair lounge at Rome offers showers, comfortable lounge chairs, sweet and salty snacks. Besides, all these snacks and drinks offered in the lounge at Geneva and Rome passengers are also offered Finnair onboard services including snacks and drinks. Furthermore, Air Valid helps passengers with luggage Finnair thus making passengers know how much weight and bags, both as checked and cabin luggage they are entitled to on different flights.

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