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16th June, 2010

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Based in Malaysia, Malaysia Airlines will offer passengers new flights from Kuala Lumpur to Bandung. Malaysia Airlines Bandung flights from Kuala Lumpur will be effective as from 16th July 2010. Malaysia Airlines flights MH 859 will take off from Kuala Lumpur at 14hrs and will touch the soil of Bandung at 14h40. The return flights MH 858 will then leave from Bandung at 15h40 and will reach Kuala Lumpur at 18h50. Malaysia Airlines Kuala Lumpur flights to Bandung will be operated on a daily basis. The flights to Bandung from Kuala Lumpur will be ensured by the carrier’s Boeing 737-400 in a two class configuration with 16 seats in business class and 128 seats in economy class on which passengers will be offered Malaysia Airlines onboard services that comprises of complimentary meals and refreshing drinks. Besides Bandung, Malaysia Airlines offers air ticket Jakarta, air ticket Bali as Indonesian cities from Kuala Lumpur. Furthermore, Air Valid helps passengers with luggage Malaysia Airlines thus making passengers know how much weight and bags both as checked and cabin luggage they are entitled to on different flights.

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